Disconekt'D Society About

As the world Disconekt'D, we found the heartbeat on what brings people together.

We realigned the connection to bring you unforgettable experiences through a sense of belonging and purpose of heightened happiness through Music, Festivals & Immersive Experiences we bring to the Middle East & beyond.

We are born through connection; experiences wire up our blood flow, music & experiences connect your emotions and a sense of community gives you togetherness.

With these awesome ingredients we bring you We Are Disconekt'D Society. 

Disconekt'D Society is an addition to the double award winning agency since launch -

'We are Disconekt'D'.

Specialising in TOP-TIER local and international DJs we represent, along with upcoming music events in motion that are coming soon! 

Disconekt'D Society is a place where we all belong, an experience for everyone, a place where you can Disconek'T from reality.

We all feel the same rhythm and dance to the same heartbeat.

But first, you must Disconek'T to Reconek'T to feel the real experience!

To join the Disconekt'D Society and be part of an exciting adventure ahead and our experiences, please complete the form below to join our community for awesome updates: